What I’m Packing for an Indefinite Trip

Alright, so by now it’s pretty clear that I’m leaving for practically an indefinite amount of time. However, whether you plan to be gone six years or six months, you’ll probably end up packing the same amount of stuff.

Why’s that?

Because it’s impossible to actually pack for 6 years. Even if you had 10 suitcases you wouldn’t be able to fit 6 years worth of clothes, toiletries, shoes, accessories, etc.

No, instead when you’re packing for a long trip, all you really want to do is pack a week’s worth of stuff (with the exception of, for example, medicine and contacts). Enough clothes for a week. Enough toiletries to get you through a week. And I would argue no more than 2-3 pairs of shoes.

That being said, it’s difficult not to overpack…. even I’m guilty of it (as you’re about to see). But I managed to fit everything into my carry-on, and I’ll probably get rid of things as I travel depending on how often/if ever I use them.


Here’s what I’m packing for a 6-year trip:


From Left to Right and Top to Bottom: 3 exercise tops, 1 black crop top, 1 pink crop top, 1 beige crop top, 3 tank-tops of various colors and 1 t-shirt


2 pairs of jean shorts, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of black leggings and 1 pair of running shorts


1 red one-piece bathing suit, 1 beach dress and 1 black one-piece bathing suit


1 hoodie and 1 all-weather, light-weight jacket


1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of flip-flops, 1 pair Suavs walking shoes

*I personally recommend Suavs shoes, they’re light-weight, breathable and extremely comfortable.



Top to bottom, Left to Right: My glasses + case, 1 year supply birth control + bandaids, my toiletries bag, a zip-bloc bag with accessories and hair ties, 1 belt, a handful of dryer sheets (to make my bag/clothes smell nice), 1 year supply medication, 1 year supply contact lenses, floss, exfoliation brush, hair brush, hair removal pads, tampons and extra zip-bloc bags for just-in-case

So that’s everything I’m packing in my carry-on duffel bag (and yes it all fits in one carry-on).


Here’s what I’m packing electronics-wise in my personal item (aka backpack):

1 wireless keyboard, 1 MacBook Pro and 1 Roost stand


Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 1 pair beats headphones, 1 MacBook charger, 1 international adapter, 1 multi-socket plug, 1 iPhone charger, 1 waterproof travel organizer with all of my miscellaneous charging cords and 1 solar-powered cell phone charger


This bag also contains my wireless mouse, my personal Skyroam Mifi device and my Kindle


My GoPro and various accessories


From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Immunization records, Proof of typhoid vaccine (just in case), passport, RIFD-blocking wallet and international Sim card to transfer into my phone once I hit Canada


So this is just to give you guys an idea of what I packed for my trip (and I’ll keep you updated with what I add/get rid of as I travel). I’ll be writing a separate post with my tips for packing light and making sure you don’t forget anything!

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