Elora: A hidden gem in Canada only an hour outside Toronto

Although the trip to Elora is mainly worth it for the breathtaking views, hikes, and activities you can experience in the Elora Gorge, that’s not all the city has to offer. This post lists 9 reasons why you should absolutely include Elora in your trip to Canada!


FullSizeRender 4.jpg1. Obviously the Elora Gorge is the main attraction. This gorge is breathtaking and while you can kayak and tube the gorge for a price, hiking around the gorge and swimming in it (obviously in safer spots and don’t go too far out into the current) are absolutely free.


2. Don’t hurry out of Elora once you’ve been to the gorge because the town has some pretty fun and eclectic shops that you can spend hours looking through and never get bored. Be sure to hit up Mermaid in Elora and Jammed Lovely . There’s also a couple of cute clothing stores that are aimed at women called Epiphany and Aria.


3. The town of Elora also has the cutest movie theatre that only plays two movies each night. It’s the smallest theatre I’ve ever seen and it definitely exudes the small town vibes that make Elora such a nice break from the crowds and hustle & bustle of Toronto.
4. If you want a bite to eat and a drink you should hit up the Elora Brewery. It was originally a hardware store, although you’d never believe it as you walk in. The owners really fixed it up and the best part is that the actual brewery is visible from the bar and restaurant. If you’re into pale beers, I enjoyed the Summer Pale Ale and the Elora Borealis. The food here is delicious and I personally recommend the mac n’ cheese.


5. Another natural wonder of Elora, the quarry is pretty spectacular and great for a swim. So it’s “technically” not allowed to jump from the quarry’s cliff face, but if you’re a strong swimmer and feel that you could easily make the swim back to shore I would dare you to jump from it. I wanted to, but once I saw how long the swim was I chickened out because TBH I’m the girl that’s almost drowned in several pools… I’m THAT bad of a swimmer.  If you’re not brave enough or just suck at swimming but love to jump off things like me, there’s a shorter cliff you can jump off of from the small split in that juts out into the quarry.
*recommendation: get a running start and show everyone else up.


6. Elora has some pretty awesome local art that it loves to show off. Not only are there quite a number of galleries throughout the small town that you should definitely walk into for a look-see, but local artists’ work is also showcased intermittently throughout the town. So be sure to keep an eye out as you’re walking around and window shopping.


7. Although it’s a couple miles outside of town, you HAVE to stop by Picard’s peanuts. This place is a literal piece of heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth: get the chocolate covered sponge toffee (trust me it sounds weird, but it’s delicious) and the pecan caramel clusters (my personal favorite).
snapseed-68. Although technically not in Elora, on your way into Elora you should stop in the town of Guelph and take a photo of/with the University of Guelph’s griffin mascot. They have the most bad-ass mascot statue I’ve ever seen. It made me want to grab the nearest robe and wand and live out the Hogwarts education that never was. By the way, I’ve officially unofficially named the statue Buckbeack.


9. Also, if you find yourself craving Poutine, Pierre’s Poutine is the best Poutine outside of Montreal. It’s located in the town of Guelph, not too far outside of Elora and it’s  own and run by a man, aka Pierre, from Montreal. If it’s your first time getting Poutine you should definitely get the traditional!

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