Achieving Location Independence: Dhruva the SEO Specialist

“I’m going to start this series “Achieving Location Independence” because I think it’s so important that people realize that there isn’t ONE correct way to travel. There are so many different ways that people get to a place where they can travel the world. There are so many different stories out there and I think it’s crucial if you’re considering a location-independent lifestyle that you hear as many of these stories as you can.

I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve told my story to and told what I do and how I do it and their very first response is: Wow I wish I could do that. At first it amazed me. All I could think was “What do you mean you wish you could do it? You totally can!”

But after years of hearing the same thing over and over again I’ve finally realized that people might hear my story and think it’s unique. They might hear it and be wowed by the fact that I was able to do what I’ve done.

But after 5 years of traveling the world and meeting SOO many people, I gotta tell you something. There’s nothing special about me or what I’ve done. There are thousands of people doing the exact same thing and the best part is, there are a million different ways that someone can travel. You don’t have to do what I did. You don’t have to do what theblondeabroad did or what nomadicmatt did. You can literally lay your own path and find your own way to this lifestyle – if it’s the lifestyle you’ve always been dreaming of.

You CAN do it. There is nothing stopping you except the belief you hold that you can’t; that you, for some reason, aren’t special enough; that you don’t have the “right” skills; that you could never find a job online or a job abroad.

Through this series I want to blow those beliefs right out of the water. If this is what you want to do, you can totally do it.

Don’t believe me? Click the link below and listen to what Dhruva has to say. His story is pretty amazing – and nothing about it happened over night.


*BTW I apologize for the wind guys, I’ll try to do the next interview indoors.


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