Monthly Recap: Month #1

Cheers to my first month of travel! And yes, I broke the top off myself… I mean just look at those guns!

I’ve officially been out of the US for 1 month!!! Here’s a quick recap of some of the facts and figures from the last month. Hopefully this will give you guys a better understanding of not only how much travel can cost (based on how I travel) but also what it looks like to be traveling non-stop for so long. So if I’m ever not including information you think would be interesting, let me know!


Countries visited: 5 (Canada, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras)

# of days spent in each country: Canada=7, Belize=6, Guatemala=13, El Salvador=3, Honduras=2

Total Money Spent: $966.02*

Amount spent per day: $40.25**

# of ice creams eaten: 13

# of days spent working: 11 (I was pretty lazy this month except for in Guatemala)

# of interviews conducted: 1

# of flights taken: 1 Canada -> Belize

# of buses taken: more chicken buses than I can count haha but 6 major ones Belize -> Guatemala City, Guatemala City -> Antigua, Antigua -> Guatemala City, Guatemala City -> San Salvador, San Salvador -> Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa -> La Ceilba.

# of hours spent traveling between locations: 43h 15m***




  1. Publishing my first ebook about how to travel as a broke college student. It’s something I’ve been considering doing for a while and I finally sat my ass down and actually did it!
  2. Doing a full-day snorkeling trip off the coast of Belize and being in the water with sharks for the first time. I did a snorkeling tour with caveman tours and it was absolutely incredible!
  3. Exploring the ATM cave in San Ignacio, Belize. Since I wasn’t allowed to bring a camera or take any pictures you guys will just have to take my word for how epic it was!


Mishaps: Other than falling during a run in Antigua and scraping almost all the skin off my knee, the worst thing that happened so far was accidentally breaking a piece off my GoPro. Thankfully I got 4-year accident protection though and once I get to a country I’m going to spend a while in again, I’ll send it in to get it fixed. So it’s not a huge problem, just a minor annoyance.


Greatest Challenge:

My greatest challenge so far has just been mentally adjusting to the idea that I honestly don’t know when I’ll be back home or the next time I’ll be able to see the people I love again. It’s a weird thing to wrap your head around and – as you can tell from how many hours I’ve spent traveling – I’ve had plenty of time to think on it. So far, I’m just doing my best to keep in contact with everyone I love. Lots of FaceTiming and Skyping, especially with my nephews and nieces.


Books I’ve read:

The Stranger by Albert Camus, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Rich20Something: Ditch your average job, start an epic business and score the life you want by Daniel DiPiazza, and Game of Thrones a Song of Ice and Fire book 1 by George R.R. Martin (I’ve only just started this one). I really loved The Stranger, but it was creepy how much the main character reminded me of SOO many men I know. Like extremely frightening how his complete lack of interest and emotion is only a slight exaggeration of men I’ve met in real life. But I guess that’s what made it so memorable and so interesting – it was relatable.


Favorite Location:

Antigua, Guatemala completely won me over. Not only was there an incredible cowering spot in Antigua, but I met some incredible people and loved everything about it. I had a favorite ice cream shop, a favorite bakery, and a favorite street-food stall. It literally became my own home-away-from-home.



My most liked photo on Instagram:


😂 You guys crack me up! The whole month, this was the photo that got the most likes! Lol looks like I need to be posting more pics of all the cheap food I’m eating.


Alright guys, that is my first month on this journey at a glance.

Coming up next month: Getting PADI certified in Honduras (sans GoPro… wah wah wah), Volcano boarding in Nicaragua, learning to surf in Costa Rica and hopefully traveling through Panama and into Colombia!! We’ll see!





*I didn’t spend any money while I was in Canada except for roughly $20, because my cousins who I was staying with absolutely refused to let me pay for anything so this total is for 3 weeks and not 4.

** This is not only including food and accommodation. This also includes 2 weeks spent paying for use of the Impact Hub facilities (roughly $11 per day for 10 days), transportation between countries and all excursions I went on (i.e. snorkeling $65, ATM cave tour $85, hiking Pacaya Volcano $15). Without only the excursions or the cost of the Impact Hub, the price per day drops to $28.79.

***8h 45m (flight and layover) + 1h 30 (ferry) + 9hr (bus) + 1hr 30m (bus) + 1 hr 30m (bus) + 7 hr (bus) + 6 hr (bus) + 8hr (bus)


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