Mistake Fares: What they are and how to find them


You may or may not have heard this term before, but if you want to travel for cheap, it’s definitely a term you SHOULD know.


So what is a mistake fare? A mistake fare is exactly what it sounds like. The airline makes a mistake when publishing the price of a fare and sell it for MUCH cheaper than they had intended. These mistakes happen for a number of reasons: human error that isn’t caught quickly enough, laziness, problems with currency conversions. The list goes on.


However, for the buyer, it doesn’t really matter why mistake fares happen. The only thing that matters to us, is that they happen; and they happen A LOT more than you might think.


Ok, so now you know that airlines are making mistakes all the time when pricing their fares, but that doesn’t help you much unless you can find them!


If you’re just starting out, like many of you (I assume) are, then your best bet is to stalk the pros. For example, Secret Flying is one of the best organizations at finding mistake fares and they update their followers daily on such deals and when they either sell out or are discovered by the airline and corrected. You can follow them on social media or subscribe to their email list to be notified of mistake fares.


Other websites and organizations that constantly post each day’s best deals (including mistake fares) include: Airfarewatchdog, The Flight Deal, FlyerTalk Mileage Run forums, SkyScanner, FareCompare, Fly4Free and I Want That Flight (Australia specifically).


This is the front page of SecretFlying.com today (9/5/17):

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.19.26 PM


It’s more than worth it to sign up for these newsletters. Chances are your email is already crowded with a bunch of random newsletters you sign up for that you probably don’t even use. What have you got to lose by filling it with cheap airfare to exotic locations every day? Only you delusions that vacations have to be expensive and that travelling is only for the wealthiest.

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