How to: Get to Utila, Honduras from San Salvidor, El Salvador

If you stay at La Zona hostel in San Salvador, the Tica bus stop is literally right across the street and it’s just a matter of going in the day before and requesting a bus ticket to Tegucigalpa for the next day.

This is a chicken bus in El Salvador, the Tica Bus is only slightly nicer though (i.e. there is AC).

I had to stay one night in Tegucigalpa, but don’t worry guys it was completely safe. I stayed at an Airbnb with the most wonderful couple who were literally so sweet to the point where, when my bus got in 3 hours late, rather than make me take a taxi at a night in a strange city, the husband came on his motorcycle to come and pick me up and his wife had made dinner for me and had it waiting for when I arrived. She even APOLOGIZED that they hadn’t waited to eat with me but that they had been hungry. I mean seriously, these people are the sweetest! I wasn’t even expecting food, because like I said it was an Airbnb, but that just shows you how kind and considerate these people are.

Again, my Airbnb hosts went above and beyond and woke up early to take me to my next bus station – I went with Heldman’s bus this time – and they even gave me some breakfast of some fruit and crackers for the trip!

I left Tegucigalpa at about 5am and arrived in La Ceiba at around 2:30pm, with one stopover in San Pedro Sula to switch buses. When I arrived in La Ceiba I had to take a taxi to the ferry (put how much money it was) and then take the ferry to Utila.


The ferry didn’t leave until 4:40 but there was a café at the port and it had wifi, so I had food and internet connection. The ferry ride to Utila costs $25 one way and takes about 45 minutes. Once you’re there you can find a place to stay for the night if you want to do a comparison of each of the dive shops yourself in the morning, or just go straight to the dive shop you want to dive with because free accommodation is included in the price.

IMG_4402 2.jpg


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