My First Time Hitchhiking: Nicaragua

After Leon I was planning on heading to Grenada, but while volcano boarding I met someone who told me that they were headed to a small beach town an hour and half away from Leon called El Transito to learn how to surf and do yoga.

Even though I was supposed to leave for Grenada the very next day I still didn’t have any definite plans (i.e. no place to stay and no idea about what I wanted to do while I was there), and everything he told me about the hostel he was going to stay at sounded incredible, so after about 10 minutes of conversation I decided that I was going to go to El Transito and learn how to surf instead.


The old school version of a chicken bus 😀

The next morning I met up with the guy I had met volcano boarding and his friend with whom he was travelling to catch a chicken bus halfway to El Transito. The chicken  bus cost 0.80 for an hour and fifteen minute ride and it dropped us off on the side of the road right next to the road we needed to turn off onto to get to El Transito. We knew that a couple of buses went that way during the day, but that didn’t stop us from trying to hitchhike our way to get there sooner. We got a ride on our third try, and all of us (including two other local guys) hopped in the back of the truck that was kind enough to stop for us.


Not only was this my first time hitchhiking but also my first time riding in the bed of a truck (it’s illegal in California). I didn’t even care how bumpy the ride was – they literally were driving on this dirt road with tons of potholes and rocks as if there wasn’t anyone in their truck bed – I was having such an incredible time. The sun felt good, the breeze smelled like salt water, and the guys and I couldn’t stop laughing every time one of us was bounced around due to a pothole or a bump.

The drive was short and we were in El Transito and jumping out of the back of their pickup in about 25 minutes. Best part? We didn’t have to pay anything to get to where we needed to go.

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