Monthly Recap: Month #2

From the dock at Altons Dive Shop in Utila, Honduras

Alright guys, it’s been 2 months as of yesterday! Let’s take a look at what this month held in store for me.


Countries visited: 3 (Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica)

# of days spent in each country: Honduras=12, Nicaragua=17, Costa Rica=1

Total Money Spent: $2598*

Amount spent per day: $86**

# of ice creams eaten: 5

# of interviews conducted: 0 (sorry guys! I’ll get on this ASAP)

# of flights taken: 0

# of buses taken: 6 bus rides (everything from chicken buses to actual bus companies *not including any hitchhiking) la ceiba -> león, león -> el transito, managua -> rivas, rivas -> san juan del sur, san juan del sur -> rivas, rivas -> San Jose

# of hours spent traveling between locations: 37h***



The highlights of this trip have obviously been getting my advanced scuba certification and everything that came with that (swimming in the ocean with dolphins, going on a night dive, seeing all kinds of wild aquatic life up-close and personal, etc.), learning how to surf in Nicaragua and going volcano boarding in Leon. Going volcano boarding was INSANELY bad-ass and I recommend doing it with Quetzal Trekkers if only because you get to go Twice! Let’s be honest, I suck at surfing…… but I love trying and when I do finally catch a wave it’s the most exhilarating feeling (before wiping out of course). Plus, I’m becoming less and less afraid of drowning the more I time I spend under the water being pummeled by waves unable to breathe.

Mishaps: This would be a tie between getting pink eye and having to spend three days holing up in a dark room in Managua sleeping/lying with my eyes closed for hours on end recovering AND losing my debit card… and then having the replacement lost by a series of very unfortunate, almost unbelievable events. Seriously, both of these things actually happened to me, and not even just in this month but within the span of about 6 days. Let’s just say that wasn’t my best week. Thankfully recovering from pinkeye only cost me the amount of the medicine and 3 extra days of an airbnb. The lost debit card, however, ended up costing me much more. But it could have been a FAR worse situation if I hadn’t brought a second, back-up debit card with me that is linked to a different bank account and that has emergency funds in it – Seriously, I did it and thank fucking god haha.

Greatest Challenge:


Between the pink eye and the shitty wifi almost EVERYWHERE I went, the greatest challenge this month was just being able to get any work done (next to impossible). Therefore, not only was this my most expensive month but I also made next to nothing (Woohoo? FML). For probably about a million reasons at this point, I’m practically looking forward to having to rush through Costa Rica and Panama to get to Colombia. I intend to spend a GOOD amount of time in Bogota working out of a coworking space there and doing almost nothing but working!!

Books I’ve Read:


Can you tell I’ve become obsessed with Game of Thrones? Well I have. I’m practically done with the third book and I’m just cruising through them. I can’t think of a better way to get hyped up for the last season. Plus, reading the books is really helping me remember the various story lines and character subplots that I had all but forgotten about since starting watching the tv series 3 years ago.

Favorite Location:


Hands down El Transito in Nicaragua was the most photogenic, beautiful location I was in this whole month – and that’s really saying something because I was in almost nothing but beautiful locations. However, El Transito won out because of how perfect the mountains and the palm trees looked in the background of every single beach photo I took and how incredible the sunsets were EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I was there! Not to mention, mother-fuck*** turtles on the beach. Literally two turtles were mating within probably 6 inches of me one night and seeing the turtles so close on land was more incredible than I can ever describe!!!!
Most Liked Photo on Instagram:


Alright, so of all my Instagram posts from this month, this was the most liked. I’ve got to say I actually agree with this one (unlike last month). I’m obsessed with my new tattoo. I love everything about it, especially how much  I paid for it (only $35 at White Devil in Leon)! There will definitely be more picturesque shots with this beautiful work of art as the focal point to come!




*Keep in mind that getting PADI certified and learning how to surf did not come cheap! $550 total was spent on my Open Water and Advanced scuba certifications, another $300 was spent in El Transito learning how to surf for a week, and the most expensive part of the trip was in San Juan Del Sur where I spent $350 at DreamSea Surf Camp practicing my surfing and waiting to get my debit card (which I did not get). Also this month was so expensive due to my lost debit card and the number of hoops I had to jump through (and extra fees I had to pay) all to not even receive a new debit card in the end. Remember when you’re traveling, mistakes are expensive more than anything.

**Without the PADI certifications or the two weeks spent learning to surf, this would only be roughly $48/day.

***This time every hour spent traveling was spent on a bus or in a car: 17 + 2.5 + 1.5 + 5 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 8

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