Travel Hacking – My Final Post on the Subject

So I know I told you guys I was going to give you posts about travel hacking and how to use credit cards and credit card sign-up bonuses to travel for practically free, but with the new direction I’ve decided to take with this blog, that just doesn’t really fit anymore. I don’t want to be a how-to blog in the traditional sense.


But I also don’t want to leave you guys hanging. So I’m going to give you guys all the resources I’ve used to accumulate 1,000,000+ miles and points and the blogs I still follow today.


I promise with the info on these blogs you’ll be travel hacking pros in no time. These guys are experts and they have more articles on the subject already posted than I could ever hope to write.


However, feel free to continue contacting me with any questions you may have about travel hacking. I love helping people travel and I’d love to help you get started.



Alright, so here’s the blogs that are going to be invaluable to you when travel hacking:



Seriously guys, you only even really need 2-3 of these sites to begin travel hacking and understand everything you need to know about using credit cards to travel the world for free so this should be more than enough options to get you going.
Good luck on your travel hacking journeys!

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