Review: Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

What more can I say than that you absolutely, definitely must stay here when you go to Singapore!

Hell, you should come just for the chance to swim in the GORGEOUS infinity pool… and yes, I did FaceTime my parents from the pool so that they could see it first-hand.


Seriously, even if you can only afford to stay one night, it’s so incredibly worth it…. And I don’t say this about very many hotels.

I’ve stayed at a lot of very nice hotels and resorts, especially recently, but when it comes to just overall quality, experience and uniqueness, Marina Bay Sands really takes the cake.

IMG_0050 2.JPG
Hello Gorgeous ❤

This hotel surpassed every expectation I had… and my expectations were pretty high since everyone I knew had been talking it up since I told them that I would be going to Singapore.

I was blown away before I’d even stepped foot in the lobby. The design of the Marina Bay Sands is unlike any hotel I’ve ever seen.

Walking into the hotel is literally breath-taking. To say it has high ceilings would be the understatement of the century. The layout is so open and spacious that if it weren’t for the obvious temperature control it might even be difficult to tell that you aren’t actually still outside.

View of the lobby from the seventh floor.


IMG_0007 2.JPG

I love the way the floor looks like water, making it appear as if all the chairs and tables are flowers and leaves floating on top. Such a beautiful touch that can only be noticed from above.

Since I visited Singapore in December, the entire hotel was decked out in Christmas decorations, with this giant gold and silver ornamented tree greeting guests as they walked in.

The room I stayed in had the most incredible view of the Gardens by the Bay! I mean obviously the hotel is SUPER close to Singapore’s #1 attraction, but the view from my room was just the cherry on top of getting to stay at such an amazing hotel.

I loved the calming effect the beige tones and dimmed lighting had on the room.. perfect for relaxing or getting some work done.

The room wasn’t very high up, it was only on the 7th floor, but that didn’t matter because I could perfectly see all of the Sinapore trees, and in my opinon, it was the best vantage point.


The view from the balcony!
I’m starting to get why they call it the “garden” city!

The little touches in the room, such as the towels on the bed that had been folded into the shape of a crab were so sweet and welcoming (I loved the little towel crab so much, I moved it to one of the side tables and just left it that way).

I loved this lil guy!

But my favorite part of the room was the bathroom, and specifically the tub. I’m all about those bubble baths, so anytime I stay in a hotel room with a very nice bathtub, you know I’m going to try it out.

Not seen here: the toilet with a telephone hanging on the wall next to it.

I mean, after a long day of walking around every crevice and hidden path in the Gardens by the Bay, it’s nice to soak in steaming hot water and just let the tension ease out of your muscles.

IMG_0002 2.JPG
When you stay out all night partying, room service is the way to go.

And once you’ve washed away the sweat of the day, it’s worth it to get dressed up and head to the neighboring casino/mall/restaurants that are connected to the Marina Bay Sands via an underground pathway.

Only a short distance from your room, is everything you could possibly need to enjoy an evening out.

The view of the Gardens by the Bay from the top of the hotel.

Personally, casinos aren’t really my thing, but I went and checked it out. Growing up in Vegas I think I got a little spoiled, because I couldn’t hide my shock at having to pay for my drink even though I was playing. And the price of the drink was insane.

However, since I’ve never really been to a casino outside Vegas/Laughlin area, I don’t really know whether this is normal or not, so I’m not going to pass any kind of judgement.

IMG_0007 2.JPG
It was Christmas time when I visited, and this gorgeous tree was right in the middle of the lobby, ready to greet guests as they entered.

As far as I could tell, if you’re in the mood to gamble, it’s as good as any other casino.

After watching Spectra, a water show that the Marina Bay Sands puts on every night just outside the mall overlooking the bay, be sure to head over to the Punjab Grill. It’s an Indian restaurant, and the food is delicious!

Although I’m not vegetarian, I am a vegetarian wannabe, and what I love about Indian and Sri Lankan food is that it’s so easy to order vegetarian because there are so many options! The paneer doesn’t just look pretty, it also tastes incredible, and you can never go wrong with an order of garlic naan.

The paneer is on the left. How beautiful is that presentation!?

But you can’t leave without trying the gulab jamun. If you’ve ever had this delectable Indian dessert, then you know that it packs a lot of flavor into a small package. The small balls of dough are bursting with cardamom, clove, and other such spices. While they syrup that it’s floating in is flavored with rose water. It’s a must-try whether you’re at the Punjab Grill in Singapore or any other Indian restaurant.

The gulab jamun at the Punjab Grill was phenomenal!

But nothing, literally nothing compares to the pool. Hell, the pool alone is reason enough to stay at the Marina Bay Sands for an evening, since only hotel guests can access it. According to, Marina Bay Sands is the most Instagrammed hotel in the world, and this is almost entirely due its having the world’s highest and longest infinity pool on the 57th floor of the hotel.

The infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands… look at how spread out everyone is! And this is right in the middle of the day!

If you love a good cityscape, the view from this pool can’t be beat. And it’s the perfect spot for the most envy-inducing vacation photo. But don’t worry about it being too crowded for you to get a good photo. Since it’s also the longest infinity pool in the world (along with one of the most beautiful), it’s never too crowded to enjoy or get the perfect shot.

Every minute of my stay at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was absolutely perfect. Staying here made my very first trip to Singapore one that I will never forget!


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