The Impact Hub Antigua: A Review


If you’re a digital nomad looking to spend some time in Antigua, you would be stupid not to work out of the Impact Hub. And if you’re a digital nomad who never before considered living and working in Antigua, well this should more than convince you that Antigua is the place to be – specifically, the Impact Hub. Not only is the Hub conveniently centrally located, but it also boasts a friendly and welcoming community, which makes it easy flesh out new ideas, get advice, or simply have stimulating and engaging conversation.

The people I met working at the Impact Hub and how much they inspired me are the reason I extended my stay in Antigua from 3 days to 10, and Antigua quickly became the most difficult place I’ve had to leave on this entire trip.  I’m not kidding, the community there was incredible! The people I met inspired me so much that I wrote, edited and published my first ever e-book while I was there; this is definitely the place to get things done.

I haven’t yet worked out of too many co-working spaces, but from what I’ve seen so far, the Impact Hub in Antigua is truly unique in its layout and just the beauty of not only the building itself, but the location as well.


Just walking up to the building, the large open doors, and the bright white of the paint are instantly bright and welcoming. Seriously, nothing says come on in like two massive doors that are wide open.


Once you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by a giant calendar on the wall outside the inner entrance to the HUB. This calendar immediately lets you know what’s going on in the Hub community. It’s a great way for interested digital nomads to see what will be going on for the upcoming month and get a sense of the community life.

After you walk through the inner entrance, it becomes pretty obvious why anyone would want to work here. The main area of the Hub has an open layout, with desks and chairs surrounding a large patio full of umbrella covered tables. When the sun is shining there’s nothing like it. This area is where most people choose to work from as desk space around the patio fills up quickly in the morning. There are also a number of side rooms for people to work in, if you prefer to be indoors.


The desks are large enough that you can be extremely comfortable setting up and spreading out. I know that personally I like to be able to move my laptop around a lot as I shifted positions in my chair, so having plenty of table space to work with was perfect for me. Not to mention it makes it easy to eat or drink while you work without getting any mess on all of your expensive equipment.

IMG_3467Oh and did I mention that you can also work from the rooftop patio? Yup, you heard that correctly. Impact Hub Antigua has a patio on the roof that also gets wifi connection. I mean just look at that view. I would come up here at least once every day to get some work done (I wouldn’t stay too long though because I’d either get too hot from the sun, or it would start raining). It’s probably one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever written from – especially since I usually do all of my writing from my bed or my couch haha

And it only gets better. On top of the open and inviting layout, the awesome community of digital nomads, and the rooftop views, there’s also the Impact Hub dogs! Some of the people who work from the Hub sometimes bring their dogs with them and it’s literally the best. Don’t worry if you’re not a dog lover, they’ll almost entirely leave you alone. However, if you’re like me and you’re only slightly short of obsessed, you’ll beg spare dog treats off your friend (who’s smarter than you and thought to buy dog treats) or save some of your lunch to tempt the dogs over so you can pet them and play with them to your heart’s content.


If you’re interested in working out of the Impact Hub Antigua, you can always follow them on Instagram @impacthubantigua to see more pics or find out what’s new. And you can even direct message them with any questions. This is not an advertisement, I wasn’t paid, I seriously just loved living in Antigua and working from the Hub.






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