Top 5 Recommendations for a Trip to Singapore


  1. If you don’t visit the Gardens by the Bay, did you even really go to Singapore?

Seriously though this is one of those places that is touristy for a reason – because it’s AH-MAZING! And it’s HUGE; you’re going to want to block out an entire day here to really see everything these beautiful Gardens have to offer. This place is all about the details, and if you just walk through quickly and only spend time looking at the famous trees, you really miss out on some incredible foliage. Also, if you want to get all those Instagram-worthy pics, don’t make my mistake and be sure to get there early and come prepared with certain spots in mind, because this place becomes really crowded as the day goes on.


  1. Stay at least one night at the Marina Bay Sands.

I know, I know this place is ridiculously expensive – and that’s putting it lightly. But it really is so incredibly worth it. You’ll be right next to the Gardens by the Bay so you can literally wake up and get there before the crowds start to roll in and even just randomly visit throughout the day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting tired from so much walking because your hotel room is literally just a short walk away. Not to mention you get exclusive access to arguably one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable infinity pools in the world.


  1. If you’re any kind of foodie, head to Meta for an unbelievable culinary experience.

Disclaimer: I don’t consider myself a foodie, so I might just think that this place is THE BEST FOOD I’VE EVER EATEN because I’ve never been to a Michelin star restaurant before, but either way guys literally everything I ate was just absolutely delicious. This restaurant is also quite the experience in trust, because the only options you have are whether to get the 5-course meal or the full 7-course meal (they also have a vegetarian menu, but from experience I can honestly say that the food on the vegetarian menu wasn’t nearly as mind-blowingly delicious as the regular menu, so keep that in mind). If you like having the final say in what you eat, then this restaurant might not be for you. But if you’re up for a little adventure and you’re willing to trust that these chefs absolutely know what they’re doing, then be sure to make a reservation for this restaurant during your stay in Singapore. *The menu changes seasonally, so every three months. This way you can keep coming back each time you visit Singapore and still experience something new. I visited in December 2017, when they were serving their Fall 2017 menu. If I had stayed just a few more days I would have also been able to try their Winter menu as well.


  1. Go Shopping.

If you’re looking for a very specific item or you just love having literally hundreds of options, then go shopping in Singapore. This city has more malls and shopping centers than practically anywhere else and definitely more than most other big cities in Asia! There’s a mall on almost every block and every single mall is multiple stories where you can find some of the best, internationally recognized brands. My trip to Singapore came at the perfect time for me, because after traveling for roughly 6 months non-stop there were things I desperately needed to stock up on. I found everything I needed, and then some. For anyone who has ever traveled long-term you know how frustrating it can be to really need something but not be able to find it. Well, I’m here to tell you that you won’t ever feel that way when visiting Singapore. *honorable mention: Singapore is also one of the few places in Asia where not only can you buy tampons, but they’re easy to find. So yeah, that’s a real life-saver.

The red umbrellas just past the pool are where Ce La Vie is located!

5.  Party all night at Ce La Vie at the Marina Bay Sands.

This night club is at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which means you get roughly the same incredible view of the city as you do from the hotel’s guest-only infinity pool. When it comes to nightlife, I typically choose where to go based entirely on the view. I can get decent music and alcohol anywhere, but when I’m in a new city what I really want is a great view. So if you’re anything like me, then this nightclub is a must during your time in Singapore. Plus, if you can’t afford to stay at the Marina Bay Sands, or you just don’t want to shell out so much money for a hotel room, spending an evening at Ce La Vie is a great compromise. You can see the view of the city, and from certain parts of the club you can even see the famous infinity pool. Either way, it’s worth a visit.

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