Review of Presidential Suite at the Shangri-La Colombo

I stayed in the presidential suite at the Shangri-La in Colombo on a recent trip to Sri Lanka. Since I’ve never stayed in the presidential suite of any hotel before in my life, you should probably take this review with a grain of salt, as I was literally just blown away by the amount of buttons for everything (if you read my review of Emirates first class, you might notice a trend haha).

Spread out on the coffee table was not only a large assortment of fruits and chocolates, but since it was during the holiday season, the hotel had also included a chocolate Santa Clause. Naturally, I tried a bite of all of the smaller chocolates to see which tasted least like chocolate (since I don’t like chocolate, I didn’t really like any of them). But I loved the fruit and I couldn’t believe they included a fresh mango! Mango is my favorite!

The living room

When you enter the Shangri-La Suite, you walk through a short hallway with an additional bathroom into the living room. It was super spacious and more than enough room to fit the entire group I was with for our own after-party.

From the living room you can either turn and walk toward the dining room and kitchen area or into the bedroom. Although I didn’t use the kitchen area even once while I was there, it was still a pretty cool addition.

The view from the living room into the office space.

There was also a little side area that was a dedicated office space. The desk had two chairs, which made me think I had totally effed up not scheduling some kind of meeting to take place during my stay… I mean imagine how cool that would have been “Let’s meet me at the presidential suite of the Shangri-La to discuss your stock options” hahahaha But seriously, you know that that’s exactly what it’s there for… important people doing important stuff, not 24-year-old travelers.

From the office area you walk into the suite’s bedroom.

Probably the comfiest bed I’ve ever slept on… ever.
There’s a coat stand in the corner haha as if anyone would ever wear a coat in Sri Lanka.

And my favorite part… all the BUTTONS!! Literally buttons that switch the lights and move the curtains depending on the time of day. I love it! And yes I pressed each of them multiple times just to be certain they worked haha

The closet was much larger than it looks in these photos, but not very interesting.

My favorite part of the whole suite was the bathroom!

You have noooo idea how hard it was for me NOT to hit that button. God I wanted so bad to find out what would happen… but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt so grateful to be able to stay in the best suite in a nice hotel for the first time in my life that I let this one slide. But one day, when I can afford to stay somewhere like this, I am TOTALLY going to hit that button!

Love a good rain head shower! And the free shampoo and conditioner were amazing! They smelled like orange dreamsicles!

Because why not have a phone in the bathroom? Obviously I’m so important that people need to reach me LITERALLY every moment of the day.
Yup, butt cleaning toilet buttons… also, the toilet seat was heated! Yeah that’s right, no cold butts in the Shangri-La suite, no way haha

But honestly, this jacuzzi tub was my favorite. It’s perfect for pics and relaxing, and it had a great view of the city and partly also the ocean. As you can see in the pic there’s also a tv, but I can’t imagine watching tv when there’s such a great view to look at!

The suite also had it’s own sauna room.

And finally, if you stay at the Shangri-La suite (and some of the other more expensive suites in the hotel) you get access to a special lounge that serves free appetizers and other small snacks, buffet style, throughout the day. I wasn’t super impressed by the food though. I only liked coming here because of the view… and because I could and other people couldn’t. I mean come on, that’s the whole draw right? Exclusivity.


Seriously, look at this view! I love cityscapes, and although Colombo isn’t as developed (skyscraper-wise) as other cities, I still love just looking out into a sea of lights.

So that’s what it was like to stay in the Shangri-La suite in Colombo. I still cannot believe I got to experience that, it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But to be honest, I still prefer to stay at cute/trendy Airbnbs. I love the price of the Airbnbs and I love the more homey feel of them.

Which do you prefer? Lavish hotel rooms? Or a great find on Airbnb? Let me know!



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