Ideas I Want You To Steal

This is a continuous list of ideas I hope will one day become a reality


*I declare that if any of you takes these ideas and runs with them, makes them a reality and becomes successful, I will not claim any ownership (intellectual or otherwise) for your creation. In fact, I seriously hope people read this list – which I will constantly be adding to – and make them a reality so that I can enjoy them one day. Just make me a promise ok? If you DO successfully create any of these things I really want see become a reality, just send me a message and let me know so that I can support you in your success!!



  1. An actual, decent harry-potter-themed sweet shop. Seriously from everything I’ve heard the butterbeer at the World of Harry Potter Universal Studios sucks. And literally any other “Harry Potter” treat I’ve tried has been seriously disappointing. I want some awesome, bad-ass baker to put their own magical and delicious twist on the pastries, cakes and goodies mentioned throughout the Harry Potter books and sell them at a kick-ass harry-potter-themed shop!
  2. A café that centers around PCOS-friendly food and home recipes. Having dealt with PCOS, and some of its more annoying “side-effects”, literally since I hit puberty. Being able to have a café to go to that already took into consideration what women with PCOS should eat, would make meal-times so much easier and actually help with the symptoms of this annoying medical condition.
  3. An app that connects goal-oriented people with one another to help keep them accountable. There are so many things I feel like I want to accomplish, but I’m such a procrastinator that 9/10 I wish I had someone to talk to at the beginning and end of each day to keep me truly accountable for the things I want to accomplish. It would be nice to be able to find someone with similar goals as me (so we could also bounce ideas off of one another) and do something kind of similar to a dating app so that it would match you with someone you’re likely to get along with (but not too much maybe because you still want to be challenged and questioned in your pursuit of a goal).
  4. A bikini “store” that lets you send in a picture of a print you saw (either like a wall paper or a piece of art… anything that isn’t already a fabric) and then they create that fabric for you and your perfect bikini to go with it. They can then sell that bikini in their online store (or actual store I guess) and since you technically created it, you get 5% of any earnings from their sales. This would also be a great app in and of itself, since people could literally compete as bikini designers (in an Instagram influencer kind of way) and be a serious side hustle for those who are creatively inclined.
  5. An app that teaches men how to respectfully “hit on” and approach women. Seriously, in the present climate with the currently societal shift away from just allowing men to act however they please, guys are going to need some kind of guide as they learn to
  6. A genderless toy store that parents can take their kids to. No “boys” section and no “girls” section, just a store full of toys placed any which way so that neither children nor parents feel compelled to choose toys based on anything other than what they/their kids like!